Deposit Policy

Deposit Policy

Payment Policy & Procedure

The purpose of this Payment Policy & Procedure (hereinafter – the “Payment Policy”) is to establish operational processes and procedures for Bank transfer and Card payment on the Platform to minimize risk and provide the greatest value, and availability of high quality services to each User.

Bank: means any bank, which collects payments made by the Users on its account.
Bank transfer: means an electronic transfer of the User's Funds from one bank/financial institution to another.
Banking Day: means the part of a day on which the Bank is open to the public for carrying on substantially all of its banking functions.
Cardholder: means any User, who makes payments on the Platform using a Payment card.
Funding (also mentioned as “Deposit” on the Platform): means a transfer of a certain amount of money to the User’s Account via a Payment card or Bank transfer.
Funds: means a certain amount of money transferred to and accumulated on the User’s Account.
Online bank transfer: means a technical connectivity service enabling any User to fund their Accounts with a valid bank account by submitting an electronic transfer request to their bank for selected funds to be transferred to
Order: means a personal application to the Terms of Use.
Payment card, Card, Debit card, Credit card: means a payment card Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or CUP verified under KYC, which is used by the User as the means of payment on the Platform.
Rules of International Payment Systems: means any rule, instruction, recommendation, etc., of MasterCard and/or Visa, which regulates order of processing transactions, technical requirements for processing transactions, as well as other provisions on acceptance of a Payment card.
Withdrawal: means removing User’s Funds from his/her Account under the User’s instructions.
SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area): means process initiated by European banks and supported, inter alia, by the Eurosystem and the European Commission with a view to integrating retail payment systems and transforming the euro area into a true domestic market for the payment industry.
3-D Secure: means XML-based protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online payment card transactions.
All other terms and definitions in the Payment Policy are used in the same meaning as under the Terms of Use.

For the Users’ convenience, offers several payment methods for Funding Account, including Bank transfer and Card payment. Please note that withdrawal is available for verified Users only through Wire transfer.

3.1. Bank transfer
Bank transfer includes: Wire transfer

(a) Wire transfer
- Payment procedure

For Wire transfers, to initiate Funding, the User needs to obtain an electronic document with payment details on the Platform. The document should be printed and provided to the User’s bank for relevant payment.

In order to initiate Withdrawal via Wire transfer, the User has to fill in the electronic form on the Platform. After successful acceptance of the details provided by the User within the electronic form, the Withdrawal transaction will be done within the timeline indicated herein.

3.2. Card payment
- Payment procedure

In order to make Funding, will accept from the User only that Payment card on which he/she is indicated as the Cardholder. WILL ACCEPT ONLY VERIFIED PAYMENT CARDS.

The User has the right to use several Payment cards as long as they are verified. warns that for the payment purposes the User can use only a 3-D Secure Payment cards.

NOTE: You can check if your card is 3-D Secure protocol with your bank.

- Amount limits

With regard to internal policies and rules, as well as taking into account the Rules of International Payment System the User should make payments with regard to the following maximum amount limits, but no less that USD100/EUR100:

Deposits: Deposits are made through our support deposits with Credit/Debit Card, Wire Transfer Deposits.

We allow a maximum of USD/EUR/GBP 5,000 per deposit/transaction.

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